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So, after carefully considering it for some time, you've decided that you want to live a healthier, greener, more eco-friendly life, and you are going to start with your own personal-care products. That's terrific!  Now...  what are you going to do next?


While making the choice to ditch harsh chemicals from your routine is a wise move, the transition can be frustrating if you try to start at your corner drug store.


Some natural products don't have the same consistencies, scents, or tastes. Many people wind up getting frustrated with green products, ultimately just giving up on them and bringing the chemicals back into their homes. We can help! We carry a large line of great products that will allow you to get the results you want while keeping your sanity.

The next time you are in the store, check out our high quality health and beauty products.

Kiss My Face


Indigo Wild/Zum

Nature's Gate

Dessert Essence

Avalon Organics


Dr. Bronner's


and more!